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Built for Small-Medium ATVs

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    The Dragon Winch Maverick 2000 ST is recommended for ATVs, Quads and UTVs. Durable and tough due to superior materials and construction methods, the Maverick 2000 ST provides a robust and reliable winching solution in all weather conditions and environments. It is capable of pulling up to 2,000 lb ( 907 kg / 0.9 t ). The Maverick 2000 ST comes with a 10m Steel Cable with Clevis Hook fed through Roller Guides, which are all included. The winch is controlled with a Steering Wheel Switch & Wireless Remote Control. The Maverick 2000 ST comes in a 12v option only. The winch comes with a two-year return-to-base warranty.

    Key Features

    Pulling Rate2000lbs (907kg)Weight5.8kgBraking SystemSelfbrake
    Rope Length10mDimensions (w/d/h)285mm x 103mm x 105mmGear/Speed Reduction Ratio153:1
    Horsepower0.9hpGuide Bar4 Roll As Option
    Power SupplyElectrical (Battery)
    ControlYellow Wired Hand Control

    Control Options

    Yellow Wired Hand Control

    Built to tough Dragon Winch standards, a wired control gives a simple and totally reliable solution for controlling your winch in extreme conditions.

    Additional Information

    Rope Winding Speed & Power Consumption
    Rope Load (kg)0454907
    Rope Speed (m/min)3.22.61
    Power Consumption (amp)205595
    Pulling Force Depending On Rope Layer
    Rope Layer1234
    Rope Pull (kg)907740620540
    Rope Length On The Drum (m)24.37.210


    Maverick 2000 STMaverick 2500 STMaverick 3500 ST
    Pulling Rate2000lbs (907kg)2500lbs (1133kg)3500lbs (1588kg)
    Dimensions285mm x 103mm x 105mm285mm x 103mm x 105mm325mm x 105mm x 95mm
    Voltage Options12v12v12v
    Rope TypeWireWireWire
    Rope Length10m10m15m
    Gear Reduction Ratio153:1153:1153:1


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