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Dragon Winches are the most technologically advanced winches available on the market today.

Incorporating innovative technology and only the best construction materials guarantees the highest quality and performance, even in extreme conditions. Winches are subjected to continuous tests and their results confirm the durability and reliability of the materials from which they are made. Top specialists in our research and development centres create innovative solutions that are ahead of market needs and set new standards for the future.

Our Range
Dragon Winch now offers more than 100 types of winch, designed for all kinds of off-road vehicles, including 4x4s, trucks, all-terrain vehicles, boats and quads.

Providing winches capable of pulling rates up to 20,000lbs (9072kgs), you are guaranteed to find a winch to suit your needs. All of our winches come with heavy duty rope, hooks and easy to use control systems.

Why Dragon Winches?

  • Built using only the highest quality components
  • Built to withstand extreme situations and give ultimate reliability
  • Modern production technologies using state of the art machinery
  • Market leading 5 year warranty with all winches
  • The widest selection of winches – over 100 currently available
  • Fast couriered delivery

Team Dragon Winch
Behind the innovative Dragon Winches themselves are a team of expert engineers capable of helping you find the perfect winch for your needs. They can help you ensure the winch you choose has an appropriate pulling rate relative to the mounting vehicle, has a sufficient braking system and whether it is of the right physical size for mounting to your vehicle.

All Dragon Winches come, as standard, with a 5 year warranty.