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We always get asked by our customers what's the best to install their winch is, so we wanted to help anyone out there looking to install a winch with our step-by-step guide and this week, we’re talking trailers.

There are a few things you’re going to need before we start guiding you through the install:

• Tape measure
• Markers
• Drill
• Winch with winch kit
• 3/8 inch bolts
• Ratchet and socket set

Firstly, mark the centre of your trailer where you want to mount the winch using a ruler a marker. Remember, the winch should be as close to the front of the trailer as possible.

Open your Dragon Winch and take out your mounting plate. This is the flat metal sheet in the shape of your winch which has holes drilled into it where you will secure your winch. Place the winch template on the marked centre and trace around the winch template with your marker, leaving a clear outline on the trailer.

Drill the holes marked out in the template into your trailer, place the winch over the holes and either clamp it in place or get someone to hold it in place for you.

Now it’s time to get a bit dusty. Lie on your back and wiggle under the trailer, take one of the bolts and place it up through each hole to ensure everything is lined up properly. Once you’re happy with the positioning, bolt it into place by partially screwing in the bolts.

Once all the bolts are in place, gradually tighten them one-by-one evenly to avoid strain on your trailer or buckling. Next, drill a hole in the trailer and insert the rubber from your kit before running the cables from your Dragon Winch, through the hole, to the battery on your trailer. Finally, attach the red wire to the positive post and the black to the negative post on your battery and you’re all done.

If you ever have any winch-related questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via our live chat feature on this website, we’re always happy to help!

12th Sep 2017


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