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Dragon Winches are tested to the maximum in our research and development centre and we’re proud of the quality and durability of our products.

It’s why we’re one of Europe’s leading providers of winches for recovery and rescue vehicles and other trade professionals. Our range of electric and hydraulic winches can be seen on vehicles across the continent, helping pull cars, trucks or tractors in all situations from ditches and dips to mud and murky waters.

Our recovery winches and rescue winches have been designed to work in all weathers and in any environment. They’re engineered with durability in mind and are both robust and reliable.

If you’re looking for a professional winch or a rescue winch, take a look at our hydraulic recovery winch range. These are designed to be fitted permanently to a vehicle and do not suffer the duty cycle issues you’ll find with electric winches (a duty cycle is the amount of time the motor can run before it overheats).

Do not be put off by electric winches though, as these are specifically engineered to operate on 12 volt or 24 volt. They are not designed for long-pulling applications, like hydraulic winches, as they’re fitted with a free spooling facility which enables the disengagement of drive gears. Electric recovery winches are designed for shorter pulling applications but our electric recovery winch range will suit most recovery vehicle needs, so take a look.

Electric winches are also an ideal choice for off-road enthusiasts who occasionally need to recover their vehicle from a sticky situation. The Dragon Winch range combines heavy-duty power with reliability to handle the toughest jams. Always remember though, both our electric and hydraulic winches are for pulling only and should never be used for lifting.

Our complete range of recovery vehicle winches cover all aspects of recovery and rescue requirements. If you’re struggling to decide which is the right winch for you, take a look at our Select a Winch page - it details everything you need to consider when choosing a winch.

If you still can’t decide then don’t hesitate to give us a shout via the contact form, live chat or by calling us direct. We’ll be happy to help by understanding your winch’s requirements and running through the best available options.

You can also sign-up to our newsletter and we’ll keep you abreast of all the latest winch news, upgrades and information as well as a few tips and tricks. Don’t forget to stay updated by following us on social media too - head over to our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts and join the Dragon Winch family now.

1st Sep 2017


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