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If you’re considering replacing the cable on your winch, don’t be put off by the idea of it because the job’s an easy one to do yourself.

Step 1
First things first, you have to remove the old cable from your winch. To do this put the clutch in the freewheel setting and pull the cable off the drum, remove the retaining bolt with a socket and ratchet and discard the old cable.

Step 2
Next you need to pull the new cable through the roller guides on the front of your Dragon Winch. The cable has to be attached so that it feeds off the bottom of the drum when being spooled out.

Step 3
Thread the cable retaining bolt through the loop at the end of the winch cable but be aware that some cables will not have an eyelet, so ensure you get the correct cable designed to work with your winch.

Step 4
Drip a small amount of thread-locking compound on to the cable retaining bolt before threading it into the hole on the drum. Tighten the bolt with a socket and ratchet. Make sure the bolt is secure but remember, it doesn’t need to be torqued because the cable will not be pulling on the screw under the load.

Step 5
Pull the cable out in a long, straight line and attach it to a sturdy, non-movable object. Slowly winch in on the line, pulling your vehicle or trailer towards the hook while in neutral, maintaining just enough weight or resistance to keep the line tight as you spool in.

Step 6
Wind the line onto the drum tightly, in close loops - keeping them as close together as possible without enabling the cable to overlap itself – until the first layer of the drum is completely covered.

Step 7
Spool in the remainder of the cable, building layers on top of each other until nearly all of the line is on the drum. Then unhook the cable and spool in the remainder.

Now you know how to change the cable on your winch and soon you’ll be an expert!

If you have any questions about your winch or cable, please don’t hesitate to ask us via the live chat feature on our website.

1st Oct 2017


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